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Ceylon Tea Time Collection

Victorian Tin with 12 assorted teas in foil envelope

An exclusive collection of Mlesna Teas to satisfy your taste in any moment: healthy green tea for the evening, tasty and full bodied Loolecondera for your afternoon tea, classic English Breakfast for the morning and then many flavoured teas with ginger, maple, strawberry, lemon to be drunk hot or chilled, like monk’s blend with vanilla and pomegranate, Cream Earl Grey with bergamot and vanilla, and fresh green tea with jasmine and mint green tea,  and green tea with Soursop, the tropical fruit with a refreshing unique aroma. This complete selection has been studied for you, to bring in your cup all the best of Ceylon Tea.



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The Victorian Tin contains 96 tea bags in luxury foil envelope (2 g.), 8 tea bags for each of these tastes: Loolecondera, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Strawberry Tea, Soursop Green Tea, Cream Earl Grey, Lemon Tea, Maple Tea, Monk’s Blend, Mint Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea, Ginger Tea.

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